Address Enhancement


Cleaner data is better for your marketing results.


Address enhancement is known by many different terms including; PAF Validation, PAF cleansing, PAF cleaning, Address Management, Address cleaning & Address validation

We use the Post Office Address File (PAF) for this service.

The Royal Mail PAF database contains all known UK addresses and Postcodes. Your data should be screened against PAF on a regular basis to ensure you maintain your database and any new prospect lists you want to mail.

There are more than 28 million addresses available, making corrections and appending extra information where the record you have is incorrect or incomplete. PAF is produced by Royal Mail and is updated quarterly.


Amends and additions can include:

  • Correcting instances where the town or county has been spelt incorrectly.
  • Ensuring towns, counties & postcodes are in fixed fields.
  • Providing a Delivery Point Suffix (DPS) enabling the generation of a Mail sort barcode for larger mailings.
  • Data can be output in several formats, for example splitting building names and the first line of the address into separate fields.
  • Correctly addressed records will save money on undeliverable mail and the associated staff costs of dealing with returned items


However it is termed, Address Management is the process of managing and maintaining an address database to ensure all postal addresses are complete, up to date and accurate. This includes the process of correcting and enhancing address data against The Royal Mail's Postcode Address File (PAF).

The benefits of correctly addressing mail help your business reduce mailing wastage, save money, as well as creating a better experience for your customers. Using the right email addresses also ensures all your emails will be prompt and have a reliable delivery, which in turn means your response rate will be increased.

To find out more about our data cleansing services, call us on 01933 271717 or email us at to discuss how we can help you achieve your business goals and objectives.

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