Your leads, your way.

Telemarketing is a highly effective channel for B2B businesses to generate sales leads and face-to-face appointments. Effective Telemarketing services such as B2B lead generation are at the heart of every successful and thriving business. We have spent many years fine-tuning & developing a model which works successfully across thousands of business sectors.

For the last 20 years, JEM Sales & Marketing has been at the forefront of B2B lead generation that delivers fully qualified sales lead generation for our clients.

You will want to ensure that your sales team use their time wisely, we can help you to achieve this. We will develop a brief to ensure that your sales pipeline & sales B2B lead generation campaigns are professionally nurtured providing short, medium and long-term prospects.

Our professional experienced team of telemarketing account managers will become an invaluable extension of your own sales team. Together we will execute a campaign that is specifically designed to gain a quick return on your investment.


B2B lead generation set-up process:

   1. Identify requirements and develop a brief bespoke to your business

   2. Create qualifying questions

   3. Use GDPR compliant data and run a test pilot

   4. Send you the call recordings for your approval

   5. Begin your B2B lead generation journey


We understand that B2B lead generation is an important part of your business, and we also know that it is about the quality of the leads just as much as the volume. Here at JEM, we focus on not only generating hot prospects that are in the need for your services but aim to give the business opportunities that help you achieve your business goals.

To find out more about our B2B lead generation services, call us on 01933 271717 or email us at APatel@jemmarketing.co.uk to discuss how we can help you achieve your business goals and objectives.


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