Has the digital age changed telemarketing?

12th Jun 2018

Has the digital age resulted in telephone calling becoming a thing of the past?

CATI: What is it & Advantages

1st Jun 2018

CATI stands for Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing which is used by most modern telephone survey research companies.

4 ways market research can improve your business

16th May 2018

In order for a business to grow and develop you need to have a strong strategy in place which sets up goals for your business to work towards. However, while this is important you also need to monitor your marketplace and its consumers to keep your business and its products or services relevant, and therefore your business successful.

Telemarketing tips: 5 tips for getting past the gatekeeper

3rd May 2018

If you are involved in either telemarketing or sales industries, you would have come across a gatekeeper. They are people who are typically receptionists or secretaries who are tasked with the job to

6 Steps on how to conduct an effective telephone survey

11th Apr 2018

1. Develop a sampling strategy

When developing a sampling strategy you should consider:

Spring Clean Your Data: How to know if your data needs cleansing

27th Mar 2018

How often does your business think about cleansing your customer databases?

With it being spring in the UK, it means 2 things for businesses:
1. It is time to think about spring cleaning your business data
2. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is almost in effect

10 Expert Tips for Telemarketing Success

15th Mar 2018

Regardless of what some people may feel about telemarketing or ‘cold calling’ it is still one of the most successful marketing methods to generate new interest and convert sales to leads.

3 Disadvantages dirty data can have on your business

27th Feb 2018

The cause of dirty data can take place for a number of reasons, for example, if you fail to authenticate your sources you can be breaching illegal or unethical practices. Therefore, taking time to stay on top of your records is very important as it can end up saving your business time and money in the future.

5 Reasons why customer satisfaction is important

15th Feb 2018

Did you know… it takes 12 positive customer experiences to make up for one negative experience? (Parature).

Customer satisfaction is a term that is part of a customer’s experience which measures how a product or service that your business offers have met or exceeded the customer expectations.

The benefits of telemarketing

28th Nov 2017

Telemarketing is very much considered by many an outdated marketing method in today’s marketing world. For most marketing professionals digital marketing has undoubtedly come to the forefront in recent years as there first choice as a marketing method.

Keep it clean: Why cleansing your data is good for your business

21st Nov 2017

Did you know that business data decays at a rate of 37% per annum and up to 67% of UK B2B mailings contain errors?

For all those that don’t know, data cleansing is the process of detecting and removing inaccurate records from a database and correcting or deleting any ‘dirty’ data.