Brand Awareness


Knowing where your brand is positioned in the market place provides powerful information when it comes to maintaining maximum possible market share through the careful management of this positioning. Understand your market with a brand awareness telephone survey.

Carrying out a regular brand awareness telephone survey can also provide the necessary data to determine the true value of the brand, which of course directly affects the organisation’s financial worth.

Using proven questionnaire design techniques, areas that can be measured include:

  • Brand Association with Advertising
  • Brand & Competitive Product Satisfaction
  • Brand/Product/Service associations
  • Brand Preferences
  • Buyer Profile Variances
  • Market share
  • Movement of brand awareness and positioning following campaigns
  • Positioning vs Competitor Brands
  • Users who are not aware of any of your (or your competitors) brands
  • Users who have purchased or used the different brands over the last 6/12 months
  • Users who plan on purchasing/using the different brands over the next 6/12 months.
  • Value Perceptions

Test us for Free!

Customer satisfaction measurement projects can be conducted to assist you in your attainment and retention of quality standards or just as part of your ongoing business and marketing processes. A powerful insight can be gained before commissioning this, so let us develop your questionnaire and take a random sample of customers who we will interview for FREE! We will share the results with you along with a selection of call recordings to endure that nothing has been overlooked in the design and development phase.

Whoever your customer is, we’ll provide a completely personalised and tailored solution that will capture what they truly think of your company’s products, people, service and performance.

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