Movo Insurance Case Study

JEM produces £230,000 of premium from an initial investment of £2,000!

Safety Engineer Visits

JEM generates a ROI of over 1000% for safety engineer visits

Cement Manufacturer

JEM was contracted a brand tracking and packaging design market research project for a UK leading cement manufacturer.

Industrial Gas Manufacturer

Our client had produced a radio advertising campaign designed to raise awareness and usage of their retail stores amongst SMEs. The research was required to evaluate the level of awareness of the campaign

Tyre Supplier

A tyre supplier commissioned JEM to carry out research to track current business performance, identify areas for improvement and understand how customers needs are changing and how the business can meet this change.

UK's Largest Networks of Fast Fit Suppliers

Working with one of the UK's largest networks of fast fit suppliers, targeting fleet decision makers, generated qualified face to face meetings.

Industrial Gases Supplier

JEM was commissioned by a supplier of industrial gases to cleanse their customer database.

Movo Insurance

Jon Shortell from Movo insurance is delighted with the results £230,000 of premium written from an initial investment of £2000 for telemarketing services!

Tyre Supply & Maintenance

JEM delivers £10 million of New B2B Opportunities to UK’s Tyre Supply & Maintenance Companies

2 Man Home Delivery

Working with a 2-Man Home Delivery Specialist, JEM delivers £2.7 million of Potential New Weekly Revenue.

Care Plan

Our client provides a comprehensive range of document care plans used in the healthcare sector including; hospitals, nursing & residential homes, home care and clinics. With focus on individual needs in the Health Care Sector, they design, deliver and implement systems that improve the handling of Nursing, Care and Medical Records.

Care Software and IT Solutions

Our client provides a bespoke software solution for the Electronic and Electro-Mechanical repair, sales and service industry for nearly 20 years.

Digital Cloud Based Solutions

Our client a cutting edge market leading SMS solution provider uses the latest web based technologies. Collectively our client has over 100 years' experience in the technology field and they are passionate about helping to put mobile communication firmly on the agenda for businesses of any size.

JEM delivers over 2000 Qualified New Business Appointments for UK’s largest Fork Lift Truck Dealership

Our clients challenge was to increase their sales teams productivity, traditionally their sales model was based on their field sales team cold calling.

Merchant Services Mid Corporate

Merchant Services - AIB Merchant Services (AIBMS) is one of Ireland's largest providers of merchant accounts and card payment services with extensive operations in Republic of Ireland and Great Britain.

Merchant Services SME ISO Model

Merchant Services - Working with 2 of the marketing - leading ISO

NHS Foundation Trusts

Our client works with NHS Foundation Trusts, specifically focused on Maintenance Life cycle service aimed at reducing the Trusts recurrent spend on maintenance & service.

Waste Management

JEM were contacted by a client that we had previously worked with in the Waste Management sector. The results they achieved from the partnership with JEM were phenomenal, securing £8 million pound of new business from the appointments generated by the team at JEM. The total telemarketing budget was £10,000 this means for every £1 spent in Telemarketing they had a return of investment of £800.