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In addition to our full-time market research services, we provide other agencies and consultants with our in-house CATI telephone fieldwork team.

What is CATI?

In qualitative market research, most modern research companies use CATI (computer-aided telephone interviewing) to run telephone surveys.

We have the resources to meet your needs for projects ranging from highly targeted and niche data collection based on small sample sizes to annual tracker studies targeting as many as 25,000 interviews - and everything in between!

Quality Control

Recorded telephone interviews give us a tangible vehicle for consistent quality control and provide our clients with unparalleled insight and visibility. All recorded telephone interviews are facilitating verbatim capture without disrupting the interview flow.

Our independent quality control team access the call recordings to ensure all information respondents share with us is correctly captured.

With the respondents’ permission, shared recordings with clients can then enrich the data collected with the added insight and immediacy that listening to the interview can provide; the tone and pace of the conversation add value to the numeric answers collected.

Research Implementation

  • Experienced project management
  • Experienced interviewers
  • Detailed briefings
  • Hands-on management from senior research directors
  • High quality, on time and within budget deliverables
  • Random spot checks live call monitoring
  • Minimum 10% quality control callbacks
  • Affiliate MRS Membership
    IS027001 for data security accredited


  • Research Director input for the design
  • Design of questionnaire
  • Piloting (Qual & Quant)