CATI Telephone Fieldwork Unit


In addition, to our full-service Market Research agency services, which include online, telephone, face to face depth and panel research services. We also provide other Market Research agencies and consultants with access to our in-house CATI telephone fieldwork team. 


Our clients are large and small and range from different types of organisations, including;

  • Research Agencies
  • Service Design Agencies
  • Advertising Agencies
  • Freelance Researchers & Consultants 
  • B2B & B2C Research Studies


CATI Interviewing

In quantitative market research, CATI stands for computer-aided telephone interviewing and is used by most modern telephone survey research companies to run telephone surveys

We have the resources to meet your needs for projects ranging from highly targeted and niche data collection based on small sample sizes and annual tracker studies targeting as many as 25,000 CATI telephone interviews - and everything in between.

Our in-house telephone fieldwork team is capable of completing over 100,000 telephone interviews a year. The telephone fieldwork team are articulate interviewers operating from our telephone fieldwork location in the heart of Northamptonshire.

Quality Control

Recording telephone interviews provide us with a tangible vehicle for consistent quality control and provide our client with an unparalleled level of insight and visibility. All telephone interviews are recorded when required assists to facilitate verbatim capture without disrupting the interview flow.

Our independent quality control team access the call recordings to ensure all information respondents share with us is correctly captured.

With the respondents’ permission, recordings can be digitally shared with clients, which can then enrich the data collected with the added insight and immediacy that listening to the interview can provide - the tone and pace of the conversation adding value to the numeric answers collected.

We can either upload recordings to an FTP site or alternatively email WAV files as required. Clips of call recordings can also be embedded into presentations bringing the research to life when sharing the results with internal stakeholders.

With extensive experience in a wide range of business sectors and a team of interviewers across the UK which is supported by a network of established relationships and fieldwork agencies, we are well equipped to provide comprehensive project management services in all areas of quantitative research in the UK.

Equipped with the latest technology and software, our fully trained team of telephone interviewers and supervisors have the skills to maximise their time in one location with the best possible results. They are regularly trained and appraised by our quality control department to maintain a high level of efficiency and accuracy.



Research Director input for the design

Design of questionnaire

Piloting (Qual & Quant)


Quality Control

Experienced project management

Experienced interviewers

Detailed briefings

Hands-on management from senior research directors

High quality, on time and within budget deliverables

Random spot checks live call monitoring

Minimum 10% quality control callbacks

Affiliate MRS Membership

IS027001 for data security accredited