Customer Satisfaction


Customer satisfaction is absolutely essential to a customer focused business. Measuring satisfaction through dedicated Telephone Market Research goes far beyond other measures such as sales volume and value, market share and internal performance indicators. It engenders loyalty, which improves profitability. Satisfied customers are far more likely to buy again and recommend others to do so.

Telephone surveys are a great way of obtaining robust views from your customers, the public and businesses, whilst being more cost effective than face to face interviews but quicker and with higher response rates than web or postal surveys.

Why is customer satisfaction measurement important?

  • An absolute business necessity in an increasingly competitive environment
  • An accurate snapshot to assess whether your current business operations are on track and where they need improving
  • A rich source of knowledge to feed organisational change in planning, implementation and control
  • A barometer on changing customer requirements, which can otherwise be lost in the delivery of existing services and products
  • A valuable tool to improve your customers’ disposition to an organisation, simply because you actually ask and listen to them.

Test us for Free!

Customer satisfaction measurement projects can be conducted to assist you in your attainment and retention of quality standards or just as part of your ongoing business and marketing processes. A powerful insight can be gained before commissioning this, so let us develop your questionnaire and take a random sample of customers who we will interview for FREE! We will share the results with you along with a selection of call recordings to endure that nothing has been overlooked in the design and development phase.

Whoever your customer is, we’ll provide a completely personalised and tailored solution that will capture what they truly think of your company’s products, people, service and performance.

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