Dissatisfied customers vote with their feet!

Dissatisfied customers usually don't let the company know they're unhappy. How many dissatisfied customers does your organisation have? Harvard researchers found that an alarming 96% of unhappy customers do not complain to the offending company!

Guessing how many dissatisfied customers you have can therefore be a bit of a mystery. Researchers also found that for every 25 dissatisfied customers, between 200 and 500 additional people hear about their negative experience!

This means that one unhappy customer may, over time, complain to 8 to 20 people!

Why is customer satisfaction measurement important?

  • An absolute business necessity in an increasingly competitive environment.
  • An accurate snapshot to assess whether your current business operations are on track and where they need improving.
  • A rich source of knowledge to feed organisational change in planning, implementation and control.
  • A barometer on changing customer requirements, which can otherwise be lost in the delivery of existing services and products.
  • A valuable tool to improve your customers’ disposition to an organisation, simply because you actually ask and listen to them.

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