Data Cleansing FAQs


What data cleansing methods do you use?

We have partnerships with all the leading data cleansing agencies, including PAF, Experian Data Quality, Yell and UK Changes.


How does it work?


We offer a free report to analyse your data, detailing how much it will cost to clean or enrich each aspect.


If you decide to use our service, we will cleanse your data by formatting addresses, identifying duplicates and cleaning against suppression files.


This will help you to create accurate campaigns and track lost customers.


Where electronic methods cannot cleanse an element of data, then we offer a telemarketing service to collect the information you require.


How much does it cost?


Data cleansing costs as little as 5p per record; pricing is dependent on how much of your data needs updating.


Contact us now to receive a free audit to test the quality and accuracy of your records, providing a summary of how much our data cleansing service will cost.

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