Data Cleansing Services


Cleaning your data helps you stay compliant with the Data Protection Act by ensuring that the data you hold is current and accurate. You also help protect the environment and your bottom line by avoiding waste when sending out duplicate or unwanted mailings.


What Data Cleansing Services Do We Offer?

  • Country Detection - identify foreign records and add the correct country information.
  • CTPS Suppression - check telephone numbers against the CTPS before making sales calls.
  • Deceased Suppression - avoid causing distress by cleansing your data to identify & remove deceased customers.
  • Deduplication - prevent wastage by removing duplicate entries for the same person or household.
  • Email Appending - add email addresses for business contacts.
  • Email Validation - ensure your email addresses are valid.
  • Gone Away Suppression - identify people who have moved house.
  • MPS Suppression - check names and address against the MPS before direct marketing campaigns.
  • PAF Data Cleansing - address enhancement to correct invalid or misspelt addresses &postcodes.
  • Stop Files - match against your own internal stop files.
  • Telephone Numbering - enhance and cleanse your data with additional telephone numbers.
  • Telephone Validation - data cleanse bespoke information.
  • TPS Suppression - check telephone numbers against the TPS before making sales calls.
  • Unusable Records - check your database for salacious or unusable records.
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