De-duplication Services


De-duplication is provided as part of our Data Cleansing service. Our system employs a number of powerful matching techniques to quickly identify duplicates where the name or address is misspelt.

As the sources of customer data within your organisation multiply, that information can become replicated or distorted. Identifying unique customers not only cuts out duplicated communications, but allows their true value to be analysed.

What We Do

  • De-duplicate all the records in your database quickly and accurately.
  • Link duplicates with a master record identifier so that you can merge them back into your database or completely remove them.
  • Target a certain customer or prospect once with every campaign.


  • Do not waste your marketing budget by sending multiple mail-shots to the same person.
  • Avoid complaints when marketing the same message to the same person more than once.
  • More accurate analysis of the true value of your marketing campaigns.
  • Enhance your green credentials by reducing waste.
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