We have built a unique file of 106,478 businesses in the UK who have imported and exported. It breaks down as follows:

  • Importers & Exporters = 28,942
  • Export Only = 20,622
  • Import Only = 56,914


Basic record: Which includes, Company name, address, postcode, description of product imported/exported - *£1 per record

  • Append the number of 2019 shipments: *£0.50
  • Append Phone number: *£0.15
  • Append Senior Decision maker at site – First name, last name & job title: *£0.25
  • Append Decision maker email - *£0.13

*Where available


Minimum order: *£500


Additional Services:

Adding bespoke information, our in-house team can telephone each company and collect specific information for example; decision maker name, job title and email, type of site, number of employees, etc.

Cost per record typically between *£1.90 & £2.45.


Selections can be made using the following criteria:

  • Geography
  • Importer
  • Exporter
  • Both


*VAT will be applied at the ruling rate.



How can we be sure that the data is accurate?

This file has been built using data collected from a variety of sources including VAT returns. As we are so confident in the accuracy we provide 100% money back guarantee.


Who are JEM Sales & Marketing Ltd?

We have been trading in the UK for over 20 years we come from a heritage of professionals that started out their sales & marketing careers working in Logistics. Whilst our core business is telemarketing and market research over the last 12 months we have established our own in-house data bureau to build niche lists that do not otherwise exist through list owners or data brokers. Today we serve businesses across a wide range of sectors including; financial services, construction and manufacturing.


Why should we purchase this data?

This data does not exist from any other source and it provides extremely good value for money ensuring that you have a database of companies that have a requirement for your services.


Who are your clients?

Rational FX, BOC, Tarmac, ATS Euromaster, DHL, Michelin, Goodyear and many more.