Lost Sales Analysis


Can you afford to not know who is winning your lost business?

At JEM Sales & Marketing, we analysis your businesses lost performance by carrying out telephone surveys. Conducting a telephone research survey is one of the most powerful and cost-effective methods for this type of research. It allows us to gain an understanding of why your customers are no longer using your product or service and what would make them become a returning customer.

The importance of tracking your lost customer's perception of your business over time helps ensure upper management continually understand and evaluate new ideas that can be put into place to prevent this loss of business from happening in the future and also new ways to retain your customers or win them back.


The benefits of lost sales analysis:

  • Performing a lost sales analysis will help you focus what type of companies are most likely to buy your products or services
  • It allows you to improve the effectiveness of your sales presentation and retention rates
  • It will uncover the full picture of why your business is losing opportunities
  • Your business gets an insight into accurate and objective information from your clients that your representative will find it difficult to provide


Do you still not believe in the importance of lost sales analysis? We can help… we are providing a free test for our customers

Let us develop your questionnaire and take a random sample of customers who we will telephone interview for free. We will share the results with you along with a selection of call recordings to ensure that nothing has been overlooked in the design and development stage.

To find out more about our telephone research services or for a free test, call us on 01933 271717 or email us at APatel@jemmarketing.co.uk to discuss how we can help you achieve your business goals and objectives.


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