JEM – Market Research Journey – The story so far!

JEM started out life as an outbound business-to-business telemarketing agency over 20 years ago. Around 10 years ago our clients began to ask us if we could carry out market research projects for them. By forming partnerships with experienced associate research directors we were able to meet this demand and the range of market research services we offer has continued to grow over the past decade.

We now have a dedicated market research team that includes fieldwork supervisors, quality controllers, a fieldwork director and 2 research directors.

Why do you need Market Research?

Market Research is all about reducing your business risks through the smart use of information. Seriously consider the following questions:

  • Do you know what your customers really think about you?
  • Do you know how you compare with your competitors?
  • Do you know enough about where your market potential lies?
  • Do you know how to effectively communicate with your target audience?

If you answered ‘No’ to any of the questions above, we feel confident that your business will benefit from conducting some market research. It is often cited that ‘knowledge is power’, and through market research, we can give you the power to:

  • Discover new business opportunities
  • Closely monitor your competitors
  • Effectively develop products and services
  • Target your customers in the most cost-effective way


A successful business has extensive knowledge about their customers and their competitors. Acquiring accurate and specific information about your customers and competitors is a critical first step in market investigation and development of a marketing plan. In developing a market plan, your primary functions are to understand the needs and desires of your customer, select or develop a product or service that will meet customer needs, develop promotional material that will make the customer aware and ensure product or service delivery.