10 Expert Tips for Telemarketing Success

Regardless of what some people may feel about telemarketing or ‘cold calling’ it is still one of the most successful marketing methods to generate new interest and convert sales to leads. For many businesses a telemarketing campaign is essential in helping them engage their target audience and gain valuable information needed to progress their company. However, in order to start a telemarketing campaign, you need to outline a strategy to help you get the best out of the campaign as you can!

Below we have devised ten expert tips to support you in getting success with telemarketing, for whether you are starting a campaign alone or working with an external company.


1. Talk to the right people

Often telemarketers are faced with a gatekeeper who has the power to screen their call and determine whether or not you will get the chance to speak to their boss, the decision maker. Therefore, it’s vital to not sell to the gatekeeper as you will be wasting your time, instead, you can build a rapport with this person and extract as much information as you can from them that help you with the call.

2. Ask Questions

Asking questions to the person on the other end of the phone will help you keep them intrigued and engaged in the conversation. Often when a telemarketer allows for pauses or breaks in the monologue the person you are speaking will use this as an excuse to hang up. Hence, the more conversational it is the more likely you are to reach your objective of the call.

3. Use clean data                 

To ensure a successful telemarketing campaign it is important to start with good clean data, as it can save yourself time and money. For example, using old data or having irrelevant data with people on it that will have no interest in the product or service you are selling can waste time and resources while also slowing down the campaign.

4. Record and analyse the calls

Recording and analysing calls are used to not only reassure your client that they will get 100% transparency while you are representing their company, but also by listening to past calls you can hear what works well and correct the areas that don’t, to help the process be more efficient.

5. Do not hard sell

Hard selling is a sales technique of being direct and forceful with the message you are trying to sell, by taking this approach you can quickly alienate the person on the other end of the phone. Instead, try to take a soft approach by focusing on the benefits of the product or service you are selling and encourage another call.

6. Have objectives to work towards

It is vital to know your client's specific goals in order to not waste any time for you or them. For instance, these objectives could increase knowledge about your target audience or increase sales and enquires. By knowing your goals you can set targets and easily measure and evaluate the results when the campaign is completed.

7. Knowledge is power

Having knowledge on the product or service you are trying to sell is important to not only be able to answer any questions the person on the other end of the phone has confidently but also, the decision maker is more likely to listen to you if you are knowledgeable in their sector.

8. Avoid leaving voicemails

In many cases, a telemarketer will be faced with an individual’s voicemail. It is recommended to not leave one as it comes across impersonal and as a lot of the time, the person will more likely than not delete it. However, if it is a missed call the individual is likely to call back out of curiosity and this is a way you can spark interest and sell the service to the caller.

9. Don’t list benefits of the service or product

When someone on the other end of a call is being presented with a list of benefits to why a service or product may be useful for them it can be overbearing and put them off. A more effective method is to create questions to determine whether it will of true value for the prospective customer, which will help you not waste time for you and for them.

10.  Make the script your own  

With many telemarketer companies, they insist on following a script to the letter to ensure you don’t say anything wrong or miss anything out. While these are important factors, it is important to not sound rigid because the prospective customer is likely to not retain any of the information and therefore not buy into the service or product you are selling.

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