3 Disadvantages dirty data can have on your business

The cause of dirty data can take place for a number of reasons, for example, if you fail to authenticate your sources you can be breaching illegal or unethical practices. Therefore, taking time to stay on top of your records is very important as it can end up saving your business time and money in the future.

Some of the impacts data decay can have on your organisation:

1. Failure of your marketing automated initiatives

Using dirty data for your marketing campaigns means you will have a clouded view of your marketing data, which can affect company insights and result in poor marketing decisions, as well as distort campaign success metrics

2. Loss of revenue

With clean data comes a list of benefits too, especially for marketing departments. Personalisation is a hot topic right now. With clean data, marketers can send personalised and relevant marketing material to customers or prospects based on key criteria such as their past purchases, activity on social media, etc. This requires a good business analytics tool and may depend on the data you are actually collecting on customers. However, there is a lot of potential in first cleaning the data you do have on customers then using this data to personalise the marketing experience to sell more products to people who are more likely to purchase.

3. Damaging to your business reputation

When using dirty data regularly for your automated marketing efforts it can cause your email campaign to be sent directly to spam. If an organisation is repeatedly receiving your emails in their spam folder it can be damaging to the brands’ reputation and in some cases, it could result in your domain becoming blacklisted.

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