CATI: What is it & Advantages


What is CATI?

CATI stands for Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing which is used by most modern telephone survey research companies. It is a telephone survey technique where an interviewer is guided by a questionnaire provided by a software application or computer-based system.

As a technique, CATI is best optimised when it is combined with questionnaires that have pre-coded answers and also surveys that require a large number of respondents.

Overall, CATI is an effective quantitative Market Research method with many advantages, below are some listed:


Advantages of CATI

  • CATI, the telephone technique can help you ensure that every respondent is screened and qualified for the research you are conducting, making the data collected better quality
  • Using telephone research specifically allows for opportunities to probe and increase the engagement from your respondents during your survey, as the interviewer will have more control during the interview to guide the answers to get the most out of the respondent
  • CATI projects tend to spam for longer time periods which allows for more time for multiple call-backs and scheduling specific appointments, allowing you to optimise your participation rate
  • The telephone interviewing process is speeded up through the use of CATI because the interviewer will be entering the data as it is obtained, reducing the opportunity to make errors and meaning more interviews can take place.


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