Has the digital age changed telemarketing?


Has the digital age resulted in telephone calling becoming a thing of the past?

Telemarketing has been at the forefront of marketing methods for many businesses for centuries. However, in recent years the development of digital marketing and advancements in technology has led to a discussion of whether the digital age has changed telemarketing practices for the better or worse.

Often the perception of the telemarketing industry can be negative due to past practices many telemarketing call centres have adopted, such as cold calling, poor work environments and agencies who are focused on the number of dials, rather than the quality of appointments.

However, at JEM we try our best to present a 360 version of this within our telemarketing agency. We demonstrate transparency to our customers is through adopting technology within our everyday practices. Below we have come up with a few ways in which the digital age and technology has impacted telemarketing practices and our business for the better. 


Working Smarter

Technology, such as the internet and business social media websites such as LinkedIn allows telemarketers to work smarter. By using resources like LinkedIn, which is a professional networking tool, telemarketers can conduct a quality check to ensure they are speaking to the correct contact.

Likewise, the platform allows you to gain knowledge on not only the contact but also the business, ultimately supplying you with the right information to nurture a strong quality leads. 


Marketing Automation

Market automation allows telemarketers to better understand what your customer's wants and needs are through tracking behavioural trends and engagement levels. Those statistics can also be beneficial to understand who your target audience is, so you can maximise your telemarketing efforts.

When you are nurturing your prospects interests it means when you come to make personal contact via telemarketing, the call will no longer be cold but timely and appropriate. A telemarketing campaign with the help of marketing automation will increase your volume of enquiries, as well as the strength of the lead. 


Nurturing quality leads, rather than quantity

Not only has technology changed the way we make calls, but it changes the way we nurture relationships over the phone.

Skilled telemarketers know how to effectively follow up leads, through experience they can create trust and rapport with the decision makers and therefore be more able to identify what stage the potential client is at, to able to nurture and convert them into a qualified appointment or sales lead.

Making connections with prospects is a vital part of nurturing leads, having nurtured customers it provides added value that makes the telemarketing call no longer feels like a sales call, but in fact, part of the normal communication process.


Telemarketing has changed for the better. With evolving practices, the industry can stay current with what their client's needs and wants are in this new technology savvy world we live in. Overall, while technology and the digital age has changed the way we communicate, it has made for a more efficient method of acquiring sales leads and appointments that are only enhancing the field and the core benefits telemarketing adds to the marketing industry.

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