The benefits of telemarketing


Telemarketing is very much considered by many an outdated marketing method in today’s marketing world. For most marketing professionals digital marketing has undoubtedly come to the forefront in recent years as there first choice as a marketing method. With social media being a free, regular institution in many people’s routines, often it is considered the more natural, convenient method for marketing for brands, and as a result, many people are forgetting about telemarketing.


However, I am here to tell you that this is not the case! Telemarketing is still as beneficial and important as ever and this is why:

  • It builds connections and relationships – It is proven that speaking to someone on the phone affects and influences prospective buyers into doing business, compared with communicating on social media and email, as well as help build long-lasting business relationships
  • Cold calling has faded out – People often have the perception that telemarketing is just simply cold calling. However, it is more sophisticated than it used to be, with the inclusion of latest data analysis techniques, leveraged by detailed B2B telemarketing call lists and access to digital information, it all allows calls to be more personalised and targeted
  • Creates brand awareness- By calling a high number of people it creates more of an opportunity to talk about your business and its services, therefore even if you don’t make a sale or appointment you are still creating awareness for your brand
  • Analysis performance and satisfaction amongst customers- By making a high volume of calls to potential or existing customers, you are able to receive some feedback on your service  
  • Cost-effective –Telemarketing firms often offer pay-per-appointment/ lead pricing structure which allows clients to control costs and provide a clear indication of the outcome of the campaign, as well as helps see if telemarketing suits your business


While there is no doubt that telemarketing has taken a back seat in being a popular method of marketing, it is still ultimately an effective lead nurturing technique for marketing, as well as, delivering better quality leads while being the most cost-effective method compared with social media.

Consequently, although some may argue that telemarketing has become obsolete because the web has changed the way we communicate, 46% of online users count on social media when making a purchase decision. This means that online data is proving to be a valuable tool for helping telemarketers become more personalised when making a call and therefore more engaging, which can ultimately convert to leads and sales.

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